Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Chennai Cheshire Home

by Vrinda Manocha

The Chennai Cheshire Home in Valmiki Nagar , Thiruvanmiyur is a non-profit charitable organization providing residential care for children and disabled seniors from impoverished backgrounds.

This institution was set up in 1958 in Covelong and moved to a new building at Valmiki Nagar in 1994 , built with grants from The Leonard Cheshire Foundation. In 1997 , physiotherapy equipment was gifted to the organization by Her Majesty , Queen Elizabeth who visited the Home. A clinic , a physiotherapy centre and a workshop unit was added to the building in 1999 , when the Japanese government gave a grant to the home.
The Chennai Cheshire Home is indeed , home to many.

The Cheshire Home has the capacity to accommodate 80 residents . “Of the 76 residents staying here , 20 are children below the age of 15 years. These children are educated at ‘special-need’ schools such as Pathway and Spastic Society of Tamil Nadu” , says Mr. Marimuthu , the manager of the institution .Though the organization is home to mostly mentally challenged children , it also is a sanctuary for orphans and children neglected by their own families.

A Self-help scheme trains the older residents in corrugated box production and plastic injection moulding.

Young women are taught to be financially independent by learning embroidery , tailoring , beadwork etc. HelpAge India supports an ‘ADOPT A GRANNY’ scheme here. A free evening clinic has also been set up to help the residents as well as people of the area.

A Voluntary Committee , as well as a staff qualified personnel handles the needs of the home. The organization is aided by Government grants as well as donations from corporations , other charitable trusts and individuals.

The Chennai Cheshire Home is located at :
Cheshire Homes India-Chennai,
23A Third Seaward Road ,
Valmikinagar , Thiruvanmiyur ,
Chennai -600041

For further information contact the Home at : 24417437 or 24405385

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